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Secret Life
Verdict (Rating): Chill out music (75%)

Sally Rivers is an established session singer who has worked with The Rolling Stones, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Robert Palmer, New Order, Simply Red and Paul Simon. She is also a vocal coach. Alan Whittaker is a singer/songwriter whose influences include Crowded House, The Beatles, Peter Gabriel and Neil Finn. Two of his albums, Out Of This World and Top Of The World, have previously been reviewed at Mood Swings.

Alan's previous work has been laid back pop rock. This style is one explored again here. However, this time Sally's voice gives the material a lift and the overall effect is more pleasing. Sally has a soulful voice with a rock edge to it.

Title track and album opener, "Secret Life", is a positive start that is continued throughout the album. The best tracks along the way are "Cold" (showcases Sally's vocals well), "Nothing Changes" (builds into a sensitive ballad) , My Love (a simple ballad), Seven Days (a soulful mid-tempo track), Shallow Man (the album's best track), In Your Eyes and Don't Blame Me (good ballads) and Shades Of Green (closing instrumental).

I actually did most of my listening to this album prior to writing the review whilst on holiday in the south of France. It fitted in with the holiday atmosphere well.
Indide Out

Verdict: chill out soft rock

As I mentioned in a review of the Secret Life album, Sally's vocals are a good match to Alan's songs.

The style of music played by the duo sits in the same sort of soft rock territory as bands like The Corrs, Fleetwood Mac, Judie Tzuke etc.

This album progresses nicely from Secret Life. This time out the arrangements seem a little richer and this seems to suit Sally's voice.

Style wise, it is another chill out type of album, best enjoyed with a good glass of red wine.

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